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Eyakho Creaxionz Interior Designers derives its name from a quirky fusion of our Art of decorating and designing. With years of experience and working on various projects, Grace has seen a gap in the market and is currently focusing on the Johannesburg and the surroundings.

Over the last years, Eyakho Creaxionz Interior Designers has grown and matured more than could have been anticipated and has acquired new members, bringing with them a well-stocked artillery of interior design and fine art qualifications, knowledge, and experience as well as symbiotic design ideas.

Anyone who doesn’t know yet will soon find out that Eyakho Creaxionz Interior Designers is a force too alluring not to be recognized! Currently, we are vigorously concocting multiple residential designs and far eastern parts of the Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our projects range vastly in size and we have local and international clients.



LEAD BY EXAMPLE One of the best ways to lead is by example – pitching in where needed, lending a helping hand and making sure that the work we do is clearly understood by our team.

PASSION Passion drives a lot, and we inspire so much in other through our own passion enthusiasm. We always believe in the events we are doing and what BLACK ACE EVENTS stand for.

ORGANIZED We are organized which leads us to be much more productive and so will everyone else.

DELEGATE The key to delegating successfully is giving each of our team members ownership of the work assigned to them when organizing an event. This will make them feel like they own the work and they will really have to.

TAKE OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY Although we’ve just delegating work and truly given our team ownership, we also have to take ownership and responsibility at all times.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION It is critical that we communicate to our employees at all times on how their work matters when putting together an event. Communicating success is also something we do. Employees need affirmation. They want to know whether they did a good job. We make sure that we give them praise, providing constructive criticism, or defining goals and to-dos.

BRAVENESS AND HONESTY We always tell it like it is we don’t sugar coat things, we don’t obfuscate. We have learned how to present things to present things to our team in an honest but balanced manner.

GREAT LISTENER Keeping people motivated means listening to them, asking them questions, understanding their issues. When we listen more, we can respond more effectively and get to the heart of things much faster.

KNOW YOUR PEOPLE We know ours on staff members. We don’t have to be best friends with them or event socialize outside of work, but we do have to what makes them tick. We know something about their personal lives because of their lives outside work matters. Their lives outside work drive a great deal of their success at work. We keep track of simple things like birthdays, marriages, children, etc. The more we know our people the more common ground we likely to find, the more we are able to connect.

FOLLOWER Being a leader-follower means finding value in our team, getting inspired by our team, encourages our team to communicate, brainstorm and be open.

Customer Says

Over the years we have grown to be a leading company in our area of specialisation having serviced hundreds of happy customers. The growth of our business has been attributed to our referrals by our existing clients

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40 Johannes Rd Sophiatown Johannesburg 2092 Tel:(011) 6730829 Cell1:0726133488 Cell2: 0845114412 Email:info@eyakhocreaxionz.co.za
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