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18 Mulbarton Street, Robindale,Randburg

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Inspiring Interiors


Eyakho Creaxionz Interior Designers derives its name from a quirky fusion of our Art of decorating and designing. With years of experience and working on various projects, Grace has seen a gap in the market and is currently focusing on the Johannesburg and the surroundings.

Over the last years, Eyakho Creaxionz Interior Designers has grown and matured more than could have been anticipated and has acquired new members, bringing with them well-stocked artillery of interior design and fine art qualifications, knowledge, and experience as well as symbiotic design ideas.

Anyone who doesn’t know yet will soon find out that Eyakho Creaxionz Interior Designers is a force too alluring not to be recognized! Currently, we are vigorously concocting multiple residential designs and far eastern parts of the Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our projects range vastly in size and we have local and international clients.

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